We have a number of partnerships with some amazing local companies that are offering Flow Mountain Bike Adventure customers discounts in order to make your experience that much better and easier, so all you have to worry about when you sign up for one of our trips or courses is having a good time and riding your bike! Discounts are applicable as soon as you sign up for one of our bikepacking trips, multi-day guided tours, or courses. Discounts are also applicable to private coaching and guiding with Flow Mountain Bike Adventures.

All these amazing companies require Flow’s unique Discount Code in order to redeem the deals listed below, so get in touch with us at info@flowbikeadventures.com and we’ll send these to you!

Rebound Cycle in Canmore, Alberta – 20% off Bike Rentals: https://reboundcycle.com/rebound-rentals-v2/

Bow Cycle in Calgary, Alberta – 30% off Bike Rentals: https://www.bowcycle.com/articles/rentals-pg240.htm

Quality Resort in Canmore, Alberta – 20% off Hotel Bookings: https://www.chateaucanmore.com/

Sandman Hotel in NW Calgary, Albertta – 20% off Hotel Bookings: https://www.sandmanhotels.com/calgary-west?utm_source=google&utm_medium=maps&utm_campaign=calgary_west

Bikepack Canada – 10% off Bikepacking Gear: https://www.bikepack.ca/store

Nice Singles Apparel – 10% off Hats and Toques: https://heynicehat.ca/