Flow Mountain Bike Adventures are active within the mountain bike community. We are proud supporters of the local trail associations where we operate, including:

Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society (MMBTS): https://www.mmbts.com/

Canmore and Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA): https://camba.ca/

Bragg Creek Trails: https://braggcreektrails.org/


Flow Mountain Bike Adventures are proud supporters of the mountain bike trail associations within the communities where we operate.

It is important to purchase at least one trail membership per season in order to support all the great work these organizations are doing. It’s also important to make it out to a couple of trail maintenance events every year in order to give back to the trails, because without trails we might as well sell our bikes as we’d have nowhere to ride! MMBTS, CAMBA and Bragg Creek Trails have a number of trail days scheduled throughout the season. Participating in a trail maintenance event is also proven to help you get 95% less flats 🙂

Trail Building Talk Thursdays YouTube Channel: Flow Mountain Bike Adventures have also started a YouTube channel to help further spread awareness about the local trail associations where we operate, and give the public an update on all the new trails and initiatives they are currently working on. You can access the channel from the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpyYI1DPbT6fIdZbMQTrtwA/videos

Badass Mountain Bike Babes YouTube Channel: Flow Mountain Bike Adventures are also strong advocates for showcasing all the amazing things women are doing in Mountain Biking. In general, women in sports do not receive the same level of coverage as men so we are trying to do our part to change this. That being said, we’ve created a YouTube channel called Badass Mountain Bike Babes where we upload our Badass Women Wednesday interview series. You can access this channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHCo_KqZpWq8PmMGkiXZpyA/videos

Please let us know if there is a Badass Mountain Bike Babe we should interview for our series, or if you are a member of a trail association that we haven’t interviewed yet.